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Default Potty Pads - Training older dogs to use indoor pads

I have not been on here in a while. My boys are Giovanni & Manny ( 6 & 5 yo).
I need advice on training the boys to use potty pads indoors.

Right now, Manny will poop on pads, but not pee. He waits quietly by the back door to go outside. Gio rings the bell on my back door and if I don't come right away, he may run back and forth from door to potty pad nervously, but never pees on potty pad.

I may be moving into a villa that probably will not let me erect any fencing and I don't want to have to walk regularly in the heat and snow.
(Moving to St. Louis. FB friends, Shh - no one knows I may move yet.)

Another complication - Manny has not been neutered due to anesthesia complications, so he wears a belly band in the house, unless confined to the kitchen/breakfast area. I can confine both in the new kitchen/breakfast which has access to a good sized laundry room.

How do I re-train them both to think potty pads are cool?
Does anyone have experience re-training older dogs? I have tried the scent spray in pet stores and the boys are not impressed.

Thanks in advance!
Carole Ann
Carole, Giovanni & Manny

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