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Hi all!

So I’m in need of some advice. About 8 weeks ago I joined the hysteria and switched Dolly from her Stella & Chewy/Fromm combo to ProPlan. I’m the first to admit that I didn’t do a ton of research, just quickly switched at the advice of my sister and with the worry of the heart issues. I’ve told many of you how I lost my beloved Cavalier at age 6 to a congenital heart defect, so any worry with hearts just sends me into a panic.

Anyway, made the switch even though Dolly did wonderfully on Fromm/Stella & Chewy. Flash forward to 8 weeks... the tear stains. 😭 She went from having a beautiful clear face to being basically pink all over face. Vet thinks it’s very possibly from the food change since nothing else has changed.

So... is there a way to safely switch her back to her old diet (maybe with the addition of a supplement?) or maybe another food that is safe you all recommend? Ideally she wouldn’t be on kibble at all, but unfortunately this year has thrown some medical curveballs for my family and due to frequent travel, realistically I just need to keep her on an easy on-the-go feeding plan.

I did some quick reading around but it’s so much to take in. I love and trust you guys so any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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