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There are a couple of good articles around about not freaking out about the whole taurine issue. This was one from Dr Dodds I have home cooked for Tyler so it isn't an issue; none of the dog food recalls have affected us. But as a foster mom I'm not home cooking for them as the adoptive parents likely will not nor should they need to. I have mine of Fresh Pet, not the grain free one and they seem to do fine. Some of the fosters come in too heavy or with a high liver number and that's helped with both of those. I try to look for foods that don't have more than one legume within the first four ingredients like peas and beans. I just can't imagine that Purina food is better for our dogs...they make the wretched Beneful. I used to feed wellness years ago and Tyler had a lot of staining from it. Look at a lot of the the ingredient lists.
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