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Name: Jane
Dog's Name: Zoey, Tess & Emy
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With several of you experiencing seizures I have checked everything for rosemary. TG the food has no rosemary because Zoey's on a special diet for IBD. I did however have some treats with rosemary. Solid Gold Tiny Tots, California Natural Health Bars and Yummy Chummies. I hate this! I have to be so careful because of the IBD and Zoey is fine with these treats. I'm not taking any chances so out they go. I also just started them both on PetZlife Oral spray. I checked their site for a full list of ingredients and it has rosemary oil. That's a problem because I feel like I need to use something. This is disturbing because rosemary's in so many things.
Thanks for posting and letting us know the dangers of rosemary.
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Name: Brit
Dog's Name: Cosy from Bonnie's Angel Maltese
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From all that I've read oil of rosemary is not toxic. It's the extract and perhaps the rosemary
itself. However, like you, I'd feel safer tossing it too.
Rosemary and it's extract is used for preserving and of course, rosemary flavors.

Please buy from reputable
exhibitor breeders or Rescue.
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I am so happy it helped your grand baby I know i bought the book herbs for pets and read it in there. It is just so hard as everyone and every dog can react so different my boy yorkie gets so sick on white potato foods and took a year to figure it out but now know white potato is inflammatory and not good for dogs with ibd - he has a food intolerance to it and gets backed up and vomits I try to help where i can as I know how frustrating and scary it can be in dealing with a sick baby I am so happy she is doing your daughters lil baby is better now

I read it and was just too busy trying to help my daughter's maltese to respond, but as you see, I didn't forget!
Thanks to you and your findings her little maltese is well and no sign of seizures.
I do remember reading dogs do not have to be epileptic to seize from the rosemary extract but can have a sensitivity to it. I wonder how many other herbs, foods, etc., could be causing such harm.
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many dog foods do newman's own organic has it but demi has never had an issue with food it was when i gave her the rotisserie chicken and the petzlife made her vomit after she had the reaction -- I am looking into another food as soon as urine and dental follow up is done. I am considering solid gold wee bits if anyone is familiar with that one -it does not have rosemary in it or natural balance fish and sweet potato as to the anti-inflammatory in fish diet.

QUOTE (KAG @ Nov 16 2008, 02:57 AM)
Holy crap! Innova dry small bites has rosemary extract in it.[/B]
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Name: Claudia
Dog's Name: Jack & Jill
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Now I'm freaking out because I feed J & J a mix of EVO red meat small bites and Nature's Variety Prairie and they both have Rosemary extract as the last ingredient. Should I stop feeding them these foods or if they've been ok, it's ok?
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I think if you have not seen seizure activity i would not worry as demi eats newmans own organic and has not had a seizure and it has rosemary in it but i am looking to switch her. It was only when she had that chicken and the petzlife and it says do not feed if your dog is prone to seizures so maybe yours will be ok but if you notice any seizure activity i would then stop it.
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Name: Melanie
Dog's Name: Whisper
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DARN it all! Ok there goes the Instinct Kibble... NO more of that.

And so odd, I got this emailed to me today about Seizures. And first person I thought was Carrie and the Mas Dude.

Hello Melanie,

Re: Seizuring and NO Mo**ney


Hey fellow readers- a cheery Monday to you!

One emergency call that I had this weekend
was a dog seizuring.

His head and legs were rigid and extended.

He was paddling.

Lying on his side and unresponsive.

It had lasted a few minutes when
his owner phoned.

NO Mon**ey

They wanted to KNOW if there was
anything they could do at home.

They didn't have much mon**ey.

First I would NEVER refuse an emergency
client like this- and I let them know

Then I recalled the Acupressure Interview
I had with Dr Michael Lines.

He had seen a seizuring person treated
in a restaurant with a specific point.

So I gave the specifics to the owner.

At the base of your pets nose-right below
the nostrils, there is a very responsive
acupressure point.

I had them hold their middle finger over
that point - with moderate pressure- for
1 minute.

Then what happened?

He STOPPED seizuring.


Did the Acupressure do this?


Many seizures do just stop on their

BUT it was a pretty impressive cause and

The name of the point?

GV 26

It is also used in CPR- for years I have
used this area to get dogs and cats to start
breathing- especially when they are first under

I never imagined that it was an Acupressure

I am all jazzed about this Acupressure stuff-
I really feel that it can help MANY ill dogs
and cats- and it has NO side effects.

To hear my Interview with Dr Lines, and to
get a video of me demonstrating acupressure
points go here:

RIP my darling Mr Wookie. I fully believe, you are now truly Snuggling with Angels.
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Flipping heck!! I never heard of this. Chloe LOVED BBQ chicken from chicken treat and they smoother things with rosemary!! Mind you we didn't give her the stuffing. But still ....

Thanks for letting us know about this. Will make sure that things dont have rosemary extract.

I'm so glad your daughter's baby is ok now and dwerten's baby too

Hugs and missing tail wags

Dede and (waiting for Katie) from 'under down under' and precious memories of the little sausage



R.I.P. The little sausage 03.28.96 - 02.01.07
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Name: Marj
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I just did a little research and Merrick foods are full of rosemary! :OMG!:

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Name: Lisa
Dog's Name: London (12/20/07) & Preston (03/25/09)
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Natural Balance Potato & Duck Small Bites also has Rosemary Extract in it. I was going to switch London to this because so many SM members have had good experiences with it...but now I'm not so sure...
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