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  2. Brokers / Importers
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  24. Husky Ad
  25. Another Mill Ad
  26. Here's Another One
  27. MORE MILL ADS!!! 5 seconds apart
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  30. Yorkie Breeders Network Ad
  31. YUNG, here's another for ya :(
  32. Another Breeder Ad only this time ...
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  34. Selling sick dogs
  35. Puppymill Rescue Dances for Joy!
  36. Looking for a Dane in Chicagoland to assist in breeding
  37. I can't believe this! They can't be real!
  38. Many Causes on theanimalrescuesite.com
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  40. Tea cups anyone? All flavours of tea cups on this site
  41. Activists go undercover to thwart puppy mills
  42. Good Grief!
  43. Pet Store Closed...
  44. Animal Planet - ON NOW
  45. New Manhattan Dog Boutique
  46. New Website
  47. Another puppy mill raided... this time in Texas.
  48. I'm just curious
  49. Link to Newsweek article on mills on farms
  50. Putnam County confiscates 76 dogs from puppy mill
  51. Thought this was a good article
  52. Puppymill Videos?
  53. Heartwrenching yet powerful video for those that need a wake up call
  54. a puppy mill poem
  55. Radio Advertisements for Petland Event
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  57. Puppy Mills Exposed
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  59. Does anyone have a good article on "Designer Dogs?"
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  61. Never give up! One at a time.
  62. ABC's Nightline Investigates Puppymills Tonight!
  64. Petland is accused of scheme to sell sick puppies
  66. Puppy Mills
  67. Puppymill Legislation
  68. Help Support Indiana Puppy Mill Bill
  69. Animal abuse.
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  71. North Carolina Puppymill Bust
  72. Info Needed
  73. 600 mill dogs, 1500 puppies coming
  74. Puppy Mill Question?
  75. Puppy Mills
  76. Protesting Petland Across The U.S.
  77. State Victories that protect animals!
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  80. The USDA and Puppymills
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  82. Landmark Puppy Mill Law Passes in Pennsylvania!
  83. Hopefully this puppy mill gets shut down
  84. Puppy Mill Law
  85. Disappioned
  86. Looking for a breeder in Eastern Kentucky maybe?
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  88. Prisoner Of Greed Site
  89. Puppy Haven Kennels in Wisonsin
  90. Shocking story (dont read if it upsets)
  91. I am very very upset.
  92. I am so upset!!!
  94. My Puppy Mill Business Cards...
  95. Shutting Down Petstores in Los Angeles
  97. I am going to be sick!!!!
  98. Watch Good morning America
  99. "Inside Puppy Mills"
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  101. Give me a break!!!!!!!
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  106. Local Dog hoarder arrested - mult toy breeds now in shelter
  107. Dogs being sold at discount with ad
  108. My Mitzy's hair is not as I see in malt's pics
  109. Reporting petstores neglecting animals
  110. Video of Puppymill Auction
  111. Designer Dog Article
  112. If a breeder offers you this registry - Beward
  113. Laugh of the day
  114. I'm so proud of my county
  115. I'm addicted..
  116. Huge Puppy Miller,
  117. Online puppy sales
  118. Pet shop/Puppymill Video
  119. Merry Christmas From Ye Olde Puppy Shoppe
  120. Christmas Puppies for Sale
  121. Black Market Puppies
  122. Comment from Puppymill Bust
  123. News Clip on Puppy Stores
  124. There has got to be something we could do!!!!!!
  125. Anyone heard of this breeder?
  126. Anyone Have a listing of
  127. anyone heard of or bought a puppy from koedam kennels
  128. Scandal Of America's Puppy Mills
  129. Fake Registration Nightmare
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  131. Dog Auction
  132. Selling maltese puppies on the side of the road
  133. Update on Wizard of Claws
  134. May 12 Rally in Pennsylvania to raise awareness against Puppy Mills
  135. For Jamie:
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  138. Pennsylvania Puppymills
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  140. Puppy Mill Maltese
  141. Educating My friends and family
  142. Puppymill protests organized - WARNING
  143. puppy boutique or puppy petite
  144. need encouragment
  145. CKCi Registry
  146. What is a Backyard Breeder?
  147. looking for breeders in my area
  148. Merry Christmas From Ye Olde Puppy Shoppe
  149. WARNING PLS. READ and spread the word!
  150. Tried to discourage a breeder
  151. What do you think of this?
  152. Puppy search
  153. Deposit made to breeder
  154. The BYB andPuppy Millers Big Book of excuses...
  155. Ethics?
  156. Bella Mia's Story
  157. PAWS and Rescue Groups
  158. Puppymills and Pet shops
  159. Bailie's Story
  160. Patience
  161. How to find a puppy
  162. More on Puppy Mill
  163. Pennsylvania to Strenghten Puppy Lemon Laws?
  164. "Dog's For Dummies" Author on Backyard Breeders
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  168. Is this a Puppy Mill??
  169. Backyard Breeders
  170. Pet Shops
  172. Look at this site...
  173. USDA LIST
  174. Maltese Seized in LA Area Raid
  175. Thanks From a Pet Shop Owner
  176. A Chritsmas Poem
  177. Maltese magazine
  178. Could someone explain a Puppy Mill
  179. Breeder Complaint Form
  180. petition
  181. Ordering Inspection Reports for Puppy Mills
  182. how to trace my puppy
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  184. Fantasia's health
  185. People Mag. Lauds Internet Puppy Broker
  186. Screening for Liver Disease
  187. Pet Shop Puppy: A Poem
  188. How to Find a Good Breeder
  189. Better Business Bureau
  190. Advantages/Disadvantages
  191. Please read!
  192. Puppymill busted
  193. Puppy mill bust in Texas
  194. Hollybelle's Maltese
  195. Wizard of Claws